Black Angus steak is something that Cowboy Church Russia loves to eat together when our Pastors make it cowboy-way. Pastor Nina started to cook US-steaks just for her husband and the family members. But now the whole church orders Ninas steak. As some said she is the best chef in Russia who knows how to cook country premium food! Sometimes we organise Restaurant Nights for people of weddings and other special nights. Angus meat comes fresh from America and Australia cause Russia does not have angus. Its very special for anybody! Jesus is the core for any meeting.

Wed love to cook it for our guests. Food cooking for joy of others is Gods beloved method to reach the heart. Jesus made food for His people, naturally and supernaturally.

Russia is a Greek-orthodox country and she rejects traditional protestant evangelical faith&culture, nationally. So, we go creative! We look like a barn, we act like a club, we love like a family, we reach like friends, we serve like kings, we minister like Jesus.

Branded the best country duo in USA we know! They brought a lot of music, cowboy hats & Jesus for our people of Cowboy Church Russia. We love yall!

Join us now: Branded, Cowboy Church and bunch of country bands NEXT YEAR! in Christian Country Music Cruise. Western Caribbean, January 2010!

We do line dancing for the Lord in our cowboy church barn. After the service, or on special occasions we do some shows for fun, we share food talents.

Could you imagine? American cowboys brought us a Bucking Barrel! Its a great tool to attract people open air. Bull riding can easily illustrate life bumpy race and devils buck. So, the right hand of a man who sits on a such monsters back is raised up to God. It logically is a prayer and a contact with Jesus. The concert of our Cowboy Church band and our spouse-line-dancing always made people mild and smile to hear how to be a winner, to be saved and led by the Holy Spirit to be restored the worldly chaos life.

Here we are to worship. Country is not just a music.

Its a lifestyle. Music is very important in the church as it moves hearts. We sing and play in many kinds of

musical ways either Russian, European or American.

Cowboy Church Russia is an urban

company which loves country

living. We speak

Russian &English.

Some of us visits US often to minister to American people

Our mission field is to lift up hands of THE Christian Nation to reach the world together. Gospel was brought to us by Americans and we love to feedback and spread out. We worship God on Sundays and Wednesday, in two languages often.

We are Russian Cowgirls!

We love the Lord. We were saved here. It is the best place ever seen! We bring our friends here to be saved. Our task is to be servants now for the one who needs salvation.

I came, got saved, churched and...married! Bubba

Concerts attract people to House of God.

I sing here and offer people to come&worship on Sunday to sing to the Creator!


I keep up my salvation here. It is cool to be in Cowboy Church Russia.

Crazy place! It is a barn. In fact, Jesus home. Andre.

I came here, got saved.

All my family belong to the place. I designed a lot for the Cowboy Church Russia. Lea

: Come in for a  photo visit! 
Cowboy Church theatre 
Cowboy CHURCH,   russia

St. Petersburg, RUS