Founder and Pastor of Cowboy Church Russia is Rev. Sergei Timokin (Pastor Tim). Testimony:

As a son of high-ranking communist military officer Sergei has grown up as an atheist. But he found a short wave radio in his fathers room and begun to listen the Voice of America station. The search for freedom has began. In his teenage years he was a rebel with his rock guitar. But he was looking for truth.

Russian Mafia took him and brought Sergei to the lonely bush ready to kill this anti-Soviet element. He was deadly wounded and put into the ground as a dead man covered with snow. But that deep night someone was sent from God to find him, to take his body from the ground and deliver him to his mothers home. Deliverer disappeared. Clinic doctors said the death is unavoidable. His mother prayed to THE God she didn't know. Sergei was totally healed.

Once he heard a rock-opera Jesus Christ Superstar. The Name of Jesus took his attention. For the first time he heard about God and Lord Jesus. He asked THE God to show him the Truth.

Someone gave him one US dollar and he read IN GOD WE TRUST. He started to search for God and Americans. God sent him a help.

Someone American missionary smuggled in a tiny Gospel of John and gave it Sergei. God sent another man who led him to the Lord. Sergei received his apostolic call and started to minister fulltime in 1979.

Along with other Russian believer they made the first Christian rock band in Russia The Trumpet Call which became a legend in Russia because of KGB persecution. Sergei spent two years in KGB prison for his faith. They said he will never get out from prison. But God changed the communist regime and M.Gorbachev signed a liberation decree for prisoners of faith. Sergei was liberated. He has planted the church in St. Petersburg, Russia which has reached millions for Christ. He was ordained in Christ Church Pentecostal, Nashville, TN and C3 Sydney, Australia. His preaching abroad gave him popularity among international Christians and he was invited in more than 100 churches in many states.

The Mother and Father of Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) along with his wife Nina. His parents became Christians and left atheism&communism behind.

Pastor Tim wears the best cowboy dress for Jesus on Sunday.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) ministers in the big national arenas

Ministering in Nashville Cowboy Church with pastor Harry&Joanne YatesCash, USA go large...

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) preaches in different countries to share Jesus of full-gospel message to English and Russian speaking people. He constantly looks for new places to teach Word of God and share Jesus spirit of faith.

There is no horse bath in Russia. We use a pool.

Here is Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) Pastor Sunday Adelaja. Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) watering his church since 1996 with Bible teaching. Watch video...

Radio&Audio Seminars

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) teaches the Word of God on radio and TV. Seminars are online for the Russian speaking world. Some called it a Full-Gospel Classic as it was first Charismatic nation-wide preaching started in early 90-s till today of 2009. listen (Russian)

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) was invited to speak in at Lakewood Church for John Osteen. Joel has recognized Pastor Tim right in the new Lakewood church lobby.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) ordination in 1991 in Christ Church, TN with Pastor Hardwick, Dan Scott. (Loren Cunningham, YWAM, left) Originals of ordinations and certificates of ministry...

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) cooperated with M. Gorbachev to involve him in making a Russian Symposium for change in Russia. More than 100 national leaders took part to see the freedom of religion in action.

Ministering in Nashville, Tn area

Ministering in Texas, Cowboy Church in Sealy, Tx

President Bush participated in National Prayer Breakfast 04. Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) and Nina were invited by US Congress to attend this prayer of faith.

Ministering in Tulsa, Victory Christian Center many times. Billy Joes church.

Preaching for Pastor Yates and Dr. Joanne Cashs Nashville Cowboy Church(sister of Jonny Cash) watch video...

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) was invited to Zig Ziglar corporation in Dallas to preach the Word and give his dramatic testimony. watch video...

Pastor Todd Pierce and Professional Bull riders in Nevada invited Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) to minister Jesus to them right in the Bulls tent.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) and Nina family. The line of Russian communist family is finished. The line of Christian family is started.

All are members of the Timokins clan ministers in the Church. Phil (minor) is the student of Christian School.

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) and Nina reside in St. Petersburg, Russia. They are married for 30 years.

They have three children and three grandsons.


Ricky Skaggs made several concerts in Pastor Tims (sergei timokin) church. Ricky invited Pastor Tim & NIna to preach for Skaggs home-group in Nashville, Tn last year.

Preaching in the power of God watch video

Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) sings some Gospels songs of Elvis. He is preaching Jesus in Elvis costume for Cowboy Church Russia outreach (pastor and his wife visited Graceland, recently)

Word of God must be first. Its a rightful motivation to consume earth life.

How much is enough? The whole world is not enough for one who is doing Gods will.

We need to follow the will of God, then money will follow ones who follow.

Pastor Tim baptized hundreds of Russian saints

Pastors Mambo presents the Gospel


Preaching in Dayton Christian School

Preaching in Ohio state

Preaching in Washington state (cowboy church)

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cowboy CHURCH,   russia

St. Petersburg, RUS


Charlie Daniels came to the Sergei's pastoral ordination 1991 in Christ Church Nashville to greet him. Charlie gave a recoding tool for Tims Russian band. Charlies songs performed in Russia by Sergei (below)

Charlie Denials and Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) in back stage of Grand Ole Opry

Sergei was invited by Charlie to his concert in Opry Nashville, TN

last year. They spent some time to chat about new American order...

Daughter Marias wedding time

Son Andrews wedding time