Cowboys&Cowgirls dance. Family church line dance with the cowboy music band Branded who visited our church

Cowboy Church Russia is a family church.

One family has started the church. Its like a seed of the same kind in the Kingdom. Many families are growing up! Many young men and women have found a families here. Marriage Seminar is one of the strong part of the CCR. Pastors family teaches family art from the Word and from 30-years of their own marriage experience.


Special team of CCR is faithful to dream together for a better life in Jesus. Its not easy in Russia to be Christians. Never was. Never is. But we are not limited in Christ to build Gods Kingdom with any participants wherever they are.


Pastor Tim (sergei timokin) and Ninas sons and daughters walk with the Lord and work for the Lord.

God is glorified in many ways because His Word is the foundation of this former atheist family.

Pastor Tim said: ye thought evil against me; but God meant it unto good to save many people alive


Youth and kids alike have fun in the church, growing up to the time when they take authority to be responsible before the Lord.


family dance video


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Cowboy CHURCH,   russia

St. Petersburg, RUS